Why more research?

"Until recently, it sufficed to require that a certain light level be met".

Why this study?

With the introduction of Smart Lighting as well as improved road markings, authorities have an array of new opportunities to make traffic lighting more energy efficient and safer, in particular when these two factors are combined for an optimal result. Until recently, it sufficed to require that a certain light level be met, but technical innovations have afforded us many more options. The current standards only specify light level, direction, saturation and on occasion, the color of the light. However, providing proper contrast, avoiding blinding light sources and allowing the eye sufficient adaptation time are equally important to traffic safety. To set proper functional requirements to new lighting concepts, a new valuation method is indispensible. But currently, a proper objective valuation method does not exist. Current studies make use of subjective experiences of test subjects. It is not possible to use their results to create objective and clear functional demands and standards.


The objective of Perception 3.0 is to develop a valuation method to measure the mental strain of a motorist and use this to objectively determine traffic safety in certain situations. At a later stage, the results of this method could be used to create new lighting and visibility standards.

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