Stages of the project

"The project is currently in the orientation stage."

Objectives of the orientation stage (2014)

  • Create an overview of relevant available knowledge.
  • Create an overview of potential partners.
  • Set estimations for the feasibility of the perception valuation method.
  • Formulate research questions.
  • Explore available financing options.
  • Assemble the research team and focus groups for subsequent stages of the study.
  • Formulate a preliminary business case.

The overall timeline of the project is as follows:

Project stages:
            2014:   Orientation stage
            2015:   Definition stage
   2016-2017:   Pilot stage
            2018:   Implementation stage

Location of pilots: The Beneluxtunnel
The C-tube of the Beneluxtunnel is not in use for traffic. Rijkswaterstaat allows this tube to be used for pilots with innovative solutions in a controllable real-life environment. This allows us to conduct real-world tests for our valuation method.

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